Now in these days computer play an important role in any institute, because computer works very faster and accurately than human being. The purpose of developing the School Management Software for any institute is that it can easily manage to store a large number of data/reports into the computer. It is difficult for any school/college institute to store the large number of data manually or in papers. In that case when any user wants to take information it is very difficult for management to provide information at the given time. It is very time consuming process. But by using computer it takes only few minutes/seconds to extract data from computer.

Perspective of School Management Software(SMS)

This product is being produced for an educational organisational to maintain it records. This ERP School Software is basically for the use of administrator of management of this institute which they will use it for storing the records and retrieving the information for the users.

Scope of NEOCAMPUS School Management Software(SMS)

SMS is intended to help any institute that wants to store their students and teacher records into there computer. Our NeoCampus ERP based Software is specially designed for an educational institute.

Our SMS software will fulfill all the requirement of any institute. It will store all the personal and academic information of the students. It will also store the fee information of the students. Management will easily get information of any student & teachers in this institute through NeoCampus SMS. This software will also help the management to store their employee information including their personal information and salary information. Payroll system is very important for any organization so this software will also handle the pay roll system of this institute. If will also store the exam results of the students.