School Bus ( Transportation) Management Software – NeoCampus

The safest and most efficient way to securely transport students is to have a complete overview of your school transportation operation. With over 30 years experience, NeoCampus School Bus Transportation Software solutions suite has been specifically designed for the complex school transportation environment and features a unique multi-calendar interface which can be widely used in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai Area. Some of key features are:

  • Attach Students as well as Employees To Bus
  • Handle Bus Fee in Smooth Way
  • Choose Months – When To Collect Bus Fee And When Not
  • Handling Dynamic Route in Proper Way
  • Attach Stops To Routes and Bus To Stops On Your Own
  • Handling Bus Fees in an Effective Way
  • In Case of Any Breakdown of any Bus –  SMS will be sent to the Parent
  • Facility To Change Bus as per the Requirement of Parents/Student
  • Bus Repairing/Maintenance Module
  • Relate Any Expense Incurred Into Accounts With Particular all Bus(es)
  • Bus Feedback Form
  • Reminder For Insurance, Pollution, Permit etc. Dates
  • Numerous Reports Available can be generated at any time
  • The Bus Module is integrated with state of the art mapping system which is responsible for creating bus routes with optimum efficiency.